Play Groups & Drop-ins!

Hi mommy!

Sorry for taking a two month break from this. I can’t even explain how crazy life has been! With two trips to Sudbury, starting the process of getting legal custody of Benjamin, battling a heat wave, then battling daily severe weather, to dealing with a sinus infection… it’s been a little chaotic around here! I think I’ve finally gotten things under control now and can take a couple of minutes to say hello to you guys!

But here’s what I really want to talk to all of you about – PLAY GROUPS! They are a God sent, me oh my! This all started a while back when I watched some small series on Netflix about an overwhelmed mom who joined a moms group. It looked fun so I forked out a whole bunch of cash and joined a mom group in a very nice area of Ottawa. At the very least I thought that I would get a few nice pictures of me and my baby and learn a couple of things…

I have been going to this mom group for a few weeks now and let me tell you – it has changed my life! We meet once a week. Benjamin LOVES it. He loves playing around with the new toys at the community center, gets a kick out of all the other babies crawling around, and loves to flirt with the moms! It’s so rewarding to watch your baby have so much fun! On top of that, the mothers in my group have introduced me to an entire community of play groups and drop-ins in the community – most of them completely free! This led me to start my own research and wow… words do not even explain how amazing the city of Ottawa is for all of their community resources they have for children and parents. Look into your city folks! You might be surprised!

We have found a different play group or drop-in for every day of the week (some days with multiple events) all within walking distance and all completely free! How fantastic is that! Every day Benjamin and I get to go for a nice long walk, see familiar faces, meet new people, and just have fun! It’s so nice to just get out of the house and talk to people who are going through the exact same thing that you are!

Alright moms and pops, nap time is just about done, so I’ll be signing off soon! I do encourage all of you to open up your Google Calender, and plan some activities! You will be surprised at how rewarding they truly are! They are honestly the most positive adjustment I have made to Benjamins schedule! Enjoy!

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